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Destination Services (DSP)

Do you need assistance to settle in your new home? We can help you!

We can offer a comprehensive relocation service to help you with the preparation and settling into your new home.

A professional relocation expert will prepare a report about your specific needs and will accompany you throughout the whole process: guided visits in your new city and residential area, help and accompaniment in home and school search, review and management of rental and utility contracts, information and processes for obtaining work permits…

We belong to the most prestigious relocation associations and have their seal of quality. We collaborate with their associated companies anywhere in the world.

Welcome to your new home, welcome to Spain!

The best posible start

We know that beginning a new life in Spain involves a lot of bureaucracy, administrative barriers and a great amount of stress for the whole family.

DLP Group is here to help you. Thanks to our comprehensive support services at destination DLF Group will alleviate this burden so that the transition to your new life is an enjoyable experience. We will design a program according to your needs and will personally guide you until you and your family are properly settled. You are in safe hands!

Thanks to our broad experience and connections, we will make for the whole relocation process to be carried out as quickly as possible and will avoid any concerns to make you feel at home straight away.

Benefits for you and your company

We have wide experience and excellent reputation in our services.

In DLF Group we will assign you a professional expert who will accompany you throughout the whole process of your relocation.

We do your door to door move, we find you temporary accommodation, furniture rental, home search, contract your utilities supplies, we register you in the local council, etc. You can count on our support from beginning to end. Your relocation will be a simple and pleasant experience for you and your employees.

Why DLF Group?

  • A single point of contact to solve all your questions and help you throughout the whole relocation process.
  • Our initial evaluation will define the organization, time frames and the necessary resources to face the transfer.
  • We work in line with your personal or corporate objectives.
  • We guarantee excellence in our service, minimising the costs to the maximum for your own benefit.



In DLF Group, we make the settling in your new home a pleasant and easy experience:

  • We treat your personal belongings with extreme care and safety.
  • We will meet your expectations with the professional help of the person assigned to your transfer.
  • We will prepare your transfer thoroughly, offering and finding solutions to all your concerns.

Consulting company in destination services for groups, individuals and families

Our comprehensive destination service package entails an initial personal interview with your transferee, on behalf of your company to solve their concerns and inform them about the relocation process.

You will receive a comprehensive assessment report about this personal interview, which will allow you to efficiently move forward in your department process. Once our assessment report about the personal situation of the transferee has been prepared, our assigned relocation expert will cover issues such as immigration, furniture and personal effects removal, school options, home rental or purchase, banking arrangements, insurances, taxes and the day-to-day in the new home.

We can do our consultancy via telephone, through a virtual presentation or in a personal interview.

DLF Group helps your employees when they arrive in Spain

Give your employees a warm welcome!

Our destination services guarantee that the transfer of your employee to Spain begins in the best way possible. A DLF Group expert consultant, will organize the pick-up at the airport or train station and will accompany your employee to the new temporary or permanent accommodation.

As with any other destination service, our welcome packet can be customized to cover the needs of your employee. The outcome will be in any case that the employee feels comfortable in his/her new home from the start.

A positive first impression is key for the long-term success of a transfer.

Our commitment:

A safe and easy transfer

We commit ourselves to look after your furniture and personal belongings from beginning to end. All the services, packing, handling, loading and transport of your household goods will be carried out by professional experts and with extreme care.

Our storage facilities has all the security and protection measures to guarantee the care of your belongings in case you need to store them.

Outstanding professionalism

Our qualified personnel will solve your doubts before and during the whole removal process: packing schedule, transit time, transport, customs… We also have a multilingual team of packers in order to suit your needs with accuracy.

We are sustainable

  • We reuse or recycle all our packing material to minimise the environmental impact as much as possible.
  • Our means of transport are the newest available to minimise the impact on CO2 emissions.
  • In DLF Group we are at the forefront in technology and we have achieved to create an “Office without paper”. We have the means to store and file all documentation in a secure and computerized way, to the unnecessary use of paper avoid as much as possible.

Plan your move

  • Apply for the Spanish ID card (compulsory for anyone who resides in Spain)
  • Apply for the NIE, foreigners’ identification number
  • Register your NIE in the data base of Hacienda (the Spanish Government Tax Office)
  • Do an empadronamiento certificate: register in the local authorities census database
  • Request your card for the National Health Care system
  • Do the Central Register of Foreign Nationals, compulsory for everyone who resides in Spain for a period longer than three months
  • Open a bank account
  • Enrol your children in school
  • Get to know the transport and public services system
  • Locate the consulate and embassy of your country. Some consulates also request for their citizens to register their change of residence in the new country
  • Obtain or standardise your driving licence
  • Obtain Spanish plates for your foreign vehicle
  • Do a home, car insurance…
  • Identify the available support services for immigrants
  • Learn the language

Start with confidence

Being transferred to Spain requires a removal service, finding accommodation, finding a school for your children, finding the right medical service, registering in your municipality census, obtaining the Spanish ID card, register your vehicle.

DLF will help you with all the procedures so that settling in your new home is turns out to be an easy and simple task. Our support is of great help, especially if you don’t know the Spanish administrative system or if you want to benefit from the local knowledge of our consultants when hiring an insurance, opening a bank account, handling your tax documentation, hiring utility services such as internet, telephone, electricity, etc.

Home search

Take advantage of our local knowledge and our real estate network! Help your transferee to feel at home from the start.

Through a thorough evaluation of your transferee’s expectations, and making sure that the transfers and budgets are properly aligned, our consultants will achieve for the home search service to have a successful outcome.

In DLF Group all our offices have a housing expert, responsible for home selection and maintaining and optimal relationship with the owners and real estate agents of the country. This allows our consultants to have access to a number of residences that are not usually available in the housing market.

Each transferee is unique, and is therefore treated in a personalised manner, with empathy and understanding. This approach helps your employee and his/her family to feel comfortable and free when it comes to choosing a flat or house in Spain.

Temporary accomodation

Short and long term temporary accommodation. Help your transferees settle in Spain.

Through our contacts and local providers network, DLF Group can compile and provide your transferee with a short and long term temporary accommodation list of options.

The choices range from aparthotels, serviced apartments or furnished apartments. We can design the temporary accommodation search to satisfy their needs and work with providers approved by your company.

DLF Group also offers accompanied visits, where our consultant will accompany the transferee in the home search visits for renting. If your employees arrive in Spain before their personal belongings, we can also rent temporary furniture for them.

Your company can also organize with us the temporary housing of your most important employees who travel to Spain frequently.

Education, schools and nursery schools

Let DLF Group guide your transferees to the right school for their children.

Your employees can rely on our perspective and advice

At DLF Group we know that children are the most important. Once a school has been chosen, the relocation process can begin.

Our goal is to help families understand the available options for their children. Our school selection will take into account the duration of the assignment, children’s age, the educational program previously followed and their future plans for higher education.

Assistance for settling in your new home!

Give your employees a pleasant arrival in Spain. 24-hour assistance from your DLF Group consultant.

DLF Group assistance is designed to address your employees’ needs. Our aim is to address basic needs so that they can start feeling comfortable in their new environment as soon as arrive in Spain.

Your DLF Group consultant will open bank accounts, activate phone plans and internet connections, and will arrange the necessary insurance coverages.

With our 24/7 direct 24-hour line, DLF Group will always be available to assist your transferees with anything they may need, limiting therefore the queries and requests that you and your HR team receive, and so that you focus on your most important tasks.

Take the next step

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