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DLF Group is a well-established family company with an extraordinary professional team focused on growth, sustainability and reputation. Our strongly settled core values go hand in hand with DLF’s human capital, and together we are heading towards being a local and international benchmark in our sector.

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Corporate policy

DLF has a corporate management board and external consultants who are key to give us advise and run our company. We based our principles on a corporate social responsibility and transparency policy aimed at the sustainable growth of the company, and protecting the interests of the owners/shareholders.

We are committed to providing a work environment where all employees are treated as equals, without discrimination by race, gender or religion. We prioritize equal opportunities among all employees and their fair representation in all labour categories.

Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility

DLF Group contributes actively and voluntarily to the social, economic and environmental benefit of our surroundings. Our objective is to improve our competitiveness and provide and added value to our society.  We choose solidarity actions in different areas. DLF is also very committed to the recognition of women’s equality, care of the environment and the recognition of the individual as a unique human being, not as a production tool.

Risk Management

We have the appropriate guidelines to handle risks, information security, business continuity or any operational risk that could arise. This way, we safeguard and control any risks that could affect our company and the relationship we have with our employees, agents and collaborators. 

Our code of ethics govern our actions and interpersonal behaviour when developing our business activity. Our values are strongly linked to our activity, adding value to society. We are obliged to being a company with integrity in our corporate actions and keeping an ethically correct behaviour.


DLF is a certified FIDI-FAIM company and complies with the FAIM standards and regulations. DLF and our collaborators work in accordance with these procedures, which establish the internal mechanisms of prevention, management, control and reaction in the face of operational and legal risks.

Working with DLF Implicitly confirms the acceptance of the following procedures:

Data Privacy Policy DLF

FIDI Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Charter
FIDI Anti-Trust Charter

Our Associations and Certifications

DLF belongs to the most important International Associations in the removal and relocation sector, to offer our clients innovation and solutions for all removal and relocation services from and to Spain.

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