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Office Removals

We are expert providers of office removals for companies of all types and sizes. With almost fifty years of experience in the transfers and removals industry, we understand the needs of our clients and we guarantee the highest level of efficiency in our services.

Our reputation in office removals is endorsed by five decades of dedication. We listen and understand the needs of our clients. Most office removals are carried out in the evening and weekends, which allows to minimize the interruption of your company’s activity.

Your business doesn’t need to stop!

We take care of all the details

Planifica tu mudanza de oficina-mod

Plan your office move with DLF!

The success of any office move is mostly based on its correct planning before it takes place.

DLF is the best allied to give you the right coordinates in order to achieve a perfect office transfer.

NOur experts will help you to:

  • Make the right decisions
  • Choose the key dates to carry out a successful removal
  • Decide which team work carries out your removal and any ancillary services needed
  • Move your computer equipment without suspension of business activity
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What if you just need an operator for internal moves

If you are thinking of moving just some office furniture, or several workstations in the same office or from one floor to another, we adapt to your needs. DLF provides you with the right move operators to carry out internal moves throughout the week or outside normal working hours.

This way, you won’t have to worry about complying with Labour Risk Prevention Laws for asking your employees to carry out loading tasks in the office.

DLF is the perfect allied so that your office removal is handled by an expert team no matter the size of your office.

DLF es el aliado perfecto para que tu mudanza de oficina se realice por un equipo especializado independientemente del tamaño de tu oficina.


DLF recycles and we help you recycle!

We manage the waste generated in the office area through a comprehensive service of collection, transport and management.

We help our clients to comply with the ISO environmental regulations and the Organic Law on Data Protection (OLDP) in terms of recycling and document destruction, certifying its compliance. We guarantee the confidentiality and security of documentation complying with the UNE-EN 15713-2010 (BS EN 15713 – secure destruction of confidential material)

Recycling means:

  • To make raw material have a new lifecycle
  • To halt the depletion of natural resources
  • To eliminate waste in a more effective manner
  • To generate new areas of activity

We help you design your office!

DLF is your best allied. If you are thinking that you are not making the best use of your premises or company, and need some refurbishment and design works to make the best use of available space, your best allied is DLF. We offer you a comprehensive service to adapt your office to your new needs.

We conduct a customized project with the building works to be done, we design the space to adapt it to the number of employees and the company needs. We manage your infrastructures, your furniture and your simple assets, such as chairs, desks, computers, etc.

We have a furniture warehouse available to manage the storage and custody of your assets.


And why not outside Spain?

Do not put limits to your projects

Have you decided that another city or country will adapt better to your new company circumstances?

DLF gives you advice, makes a plan and carries out the removal of your company to another new location.

Take advantage of our European routes for your office removal in Europe. Take everything you need. We help you closing up at your origin location and we transfer all your assets to your new location.

We belong to the FIDI Global Alliance, the global network of removal companies which comply with the highest quality standards, audited by Ernst & Young to guarantee the quality criteria established by FIDI: https://www.fidi.org/

You will have a turnkey demanding office removal.


Benefits of working with DLF

Working with a company of more than 50 years of experience in office removals, guarantees the efficient management of the services deadlines. DLF is clearly customer-oriented and to his or her satisfaction. We know we have to be flexible and we adapt to the changing needs that arise along the way. DLF counts on an Integrated System of Quality, Environment and Labour Risk Prevention (SICMA), aimed at the continuous improvement in the performance of removal services.

We count on a management system of methodology “Lean Management” which aims at improving our office removal services, providing the highest standards to our clients by using the minimum necessary resources.

We have the Certifications ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001, the international regulations applied to the Health and Safety Management system.

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