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DLF Group and new challenges for 2021

February 24, 2021  Like By 0 Comments

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Year 2020 has been a challenging year forcing us to adapt too many changes: our way of life, the way we maintain relationships and the way we work and interact with our colleagues.

DLF Group, through its Facility Management business area, has carried out the emptying and closing of offices and premises, has moved and provided to a large number of employees the necessary equipment to work remotely; and also, comply with the new safety and hygiene measures established by law, in order to face Covid- 19, when reopening work spaces.

Starting from innovation, this New Year 2021 gives us new challenges based on the development of all aspects that make companies and organizations more efficient and productive in their workspaces.

We are committed to help employers to create workspaces in environments that respond to flexible working schedule, multigenerational diversity, where the recruitment and retention of talent is an added value, as well as the adoption of new technologies.

Now more than ever we have the power to influence the experience of the employee and their organizations and, as part of our objectives, we aim to contribute and share the same vision and business strategy, to further strengthening our relationships in an open and transparent way.
From now on, the offices will be very different, tackling new projects hand in hand with technology and improving corporate performance and offering the users an unbeatable experience.

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