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What is facility management and how your company can benefit from it

What is facility management and how your company can benefit from it

January 7, 2020  Like By 0 Comments

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For companies with many employees or numerous headquarters, it is fundamental to count on a facility manager or a facility management department. We’ll now discuss what this concept means and how it can benefit your employees.

What is facility management?

The concept facility management refers to the management of buildings or headquarters where the professional activity of your company takes place. It also involves all the available services in each and every building.

We are thus talking about a very complex concept that includes a huge amount of tasks and responsibilities: the cleanliness of the building, the correct functioning of the toilets, adequate heating  or air conditioning, etc.

Although small companies can manage most of these tasks thanks to the technical staff, in big corporations or in case of having multiple headquarters, it is important to rely on one or more facility managers that can act as supervisors for all these processes.

What kind of processes does facility management refer to?

facility management supervision
Facility management can be divided in two huge groups: on the one hand, hard services –the ones related to the building itself– and, on the other hand, soft services, which include tasks performed by employees. Both are absolutely necessary for the business.

If we think of a computer, this division is more easily understandable: hardware refers to the computer itself, while software is the group of apps that make working with the computer possible.

Facility management, therefore, includes hard services such as the correct functioning of the electrical installation and soft services such as the tasks performed by the electricians.

Why is facility management so important?

At DLF Group we have extensive experience in relocating companies and helping their employees. We also offer facility management services and we have concluded that the corporations with this kind of department succeed at creating a more human, accessible work environment for their workers.

Furthermore, any relocation or logistic challenge that the company may have to face can be solved quicker and with a lower investment in human and material resources.

In conclusion, facility management allows for a significant time and economic optimisation and improves the workers’ level of productivity and overall wellness.

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