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Relocation: How to help your employees settle in a new office

Relocation: How to help your employees settle in a new office

February 5, 2020  Like By 0 Comments

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Moving to a new headquarters or being relocated to a different destination are complex procedures that can affect employees and increase their stress levels. Therefore, companies must implement strategies to help workers adapt in the easiest, quickest and most efficient way possible.

Relocation, a necessary but difficult procedure

For many companies, relocating procedures are very common and frequent. We are not only talking about reassigning employees to different cities or countries, but we are also referring to the relocation of the headquarters as a whole, in which all the employees change buildings for different reasons.

These mechanisms, however, have a huge impact in the personal lives of employees, as they have to start from scratch in a new city, a new country or a new environment.

Even when the relocation takes place in the same city, workers must take different routes to the office or even spend more time in traffic, which forces them to make adjustments in their family schedules.

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How can you help your employees in a relocation process?

First of all, as we already mentioned in a previous article, the facility manager is an essential asset to guarantee that everything works out smoothly. If all the parameters have been properly managed for a long time, the days of actual moving will be much easier.

Also, the person or the department in charge of facility management can prepare an exhaustive plan for the moving procedures, taking into consideration all the necessary details.

This planning will prevent any kind of unexpected problems that workers may have to face in the new headquarters, and it will also guarantee a simpler transition to the new work environment.

Last, but not least, when it comes to relocating to a new city (in the same country or abroad), relying on an external relocation service can prove really useful and helpful to the employees.

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Among the relocation services we offer at DLF Group you will find personalised destination services for your employees: guided tours in the new city, help and advisory regarding choices of a new home or school, etc.

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