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Corporate responsibility: DLF Group reduces its environmental impact in 2020

Corporate responsibility: DLF Group reduces its environmental impact in 2020

January 22, 2020  Like By 0 Comments

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After betting on a more sustainable Christmas, at DLF Group we are committed to a more sustainable 2020, and we will reduce our environmental impact as part of our long-term corporate social responsibility.

With this article we reflect on our main commitments with the environment and the actions we take for a more respectful work in the logistics and moving sector.

Saying no to plastics: every little step counts

Plastic has become one of the most dangerous enemies for the environment and, more specifically, for our rivers and oceans. Therefore, our species has the moral obligation of reducing or completely eliminating these materials, which can take more than 500 years to degrade completely…

The plastic production figures are terrifying: according to Greenpeace, 5 billion bottles are produced every year in the world.

Reducing the use of plastics begins with small steps in our daily lives, such as buying only products with no plastic packaging, recycling as much as possible and, of course, saying no to any unjustified use of this material.

water dispenser dlf group

At DLF Group we have been developing a higher awareness regarding this issue, which has taken us to substitute the plastic bottles for our employees with a water dispenser, where we all can use our own bottles or non-plastic mugs.

The importance of recycling in our sector

At DLF Group we are fully committed to correctly managing any kind of waste produced during our procedures, and we also make use of specific containers to recycle every material possible. Therefore, we separate and recycle paper, wood, iron, cardboard and many other materials.

Another key element in our commitment to reducing our environmental impact is the management and treatment for our clients’ waste products: after any moving service, we select and separate all the debris and waste and we take them to a local recycling facility.


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