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A more sustainable Christmas at home and at work is possible!

A more sustainable Christmas at home and at work is possible!

December 19, 2019  Like By 0 Comments

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December is that time of the year when we celebrate with parties and gatherings. However, this period is also the perfect time to reflect on our environmental impact on Christmas. At DLF Group we believe in a more sustainable Christmas, both at home and at the office.

Tips for a more sustainable Christmas at home

There are plenty of details we can keep in mind in order to reduce our environmental impact during the festivities. Obviously, the first and most important step is to develop more awareness about our actions, our shopping habits, and our opportunities to reduce the waste we produce.

Here are some tips we can try to apply at home to achieve a much more sustainable Christmas.

Let us cut on the shopping

Perhaps we can stop for a moment and think: do we really need all the things we usually buy during Christmas? Is there a way to share our love and appreciation with less gifts? Can we cook delicious meals avoiding food waste? We surely have many opportunities to improve our Christmas habits.

More sustainable packaging

When shopping or doing the groceries, it si best to choose products with no packaging, or with packages made with recycled or sustainable materials. Reducing the use of plastic is a fundamental step to face and stop the climate emergency.

Ideas to reuse and recycle

In addition to recycling everything that we can (by separating the waste correctly), we can reuse many materials –cardboard, yogurt containers, etc.– to do some crafts and offer very original gifts.

Just an idea: Why don’t we reuse some cardboard for our little crèche houses?

 Tips for a more sustainable Christmas at the office

Work environments can easily become highly polluting places if we don’t start adopting the same measures to reduce the environmental impact.

Sustainability must become a keystone element for the philosophy of the company, and it must be passed down on all the teams and employees. Many of the tips we have mentioned above can be applied as well to work environments…

Reducing, reusing and recycling

How much waste does a company create every single day? The environmental impact can be greatly reduced with just some simple details, such as:

  • Substituting the plastic glasses at the water fountains and using cardboard ones instead.
  • Giving away reusable bottles and coffee thermo jugs to all the employees.
  • Reducing the printing of documents and printing only the ones that are strictly necessary
  • Betting on the digital transformation and using email in order to reduce the environmental impact created by unnecessary meetings.

Sustainable Christmas activities at work

Apart from the basic steps to help our planet, in December we can also reflect on our environmental impact when it comes to organising the traditional Christmas activities:

  • For the annual company meetings, let us choose restaurants that are responsible with food and resources.
  • When preparing for Secret Santa and other events at the office, we can reuse materials that we no longer need (printed documents, cardboard boxes, etc.) to decorate or to craft some original gifts.

At DLF Group we are confident that a more sustainable Christmas is possible. Will you join us for this challenge?

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