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5 logistics trends for 2020

5 logistics trends for 2020

December 11, 2019  Like By 0 Comments

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Innovation and cybersecurity are two of the main trends for the logistics sector that will gain strength in 2020, due to a transformation in a sector that is constantly evolving. Here are 5 top trends that will define the sector in the coming months.

The evolution of the logistics sector in 2020

The logistic sector has been facing drastic, fast changes in the last few years. The need to deliver the products from the origin to the consumers in an efficient way has completely revolutionized the daily routines at the production companies and carriers.

In order to face the new situation, these companies need more and more human, material and economic resources, but the only way to optimize them is betting on technology.

This is why innovation is the “magic word” that will define every trend for the logistics sector in 2020. Only by integrating technology in every department will the company maintain the maximum efficiency in all the process, while also guaranteeing high satisfaction levels among clients and providers.

The 5 great trends for the logistics sector in 2020

We will now mention the 5 main trends that will gain strength in 2020 in the logistics sector.

1. Digital transformation in companies

At DLF Group we decided to face all these new challenges by completely transforming our business model and going with a digital transformation. This transformation will prove almost mandatory for any company in the logistics sector in the coming months.

However, starting a digital transformation means not only getting new equipment, but transforming the philosophy inside the company, in a process that affects all the processes on a multi-level scale.

Thanks to the integration of advanced hardware and software, all the processes become faster and more efficient. Digitalization allows for a reduction in the chances of human error, but requires a high level of commitment from all the employees.

3. Guaranteed safety at all levels

The logistics sector cannot allow any kind of mistakes that could endanger the workers’ health or that could negatively affect the health of clients and providers. Therefore, all the companies will have to comply with protection and safety regulations to avoid accidents, prevent injuries and create 100%-safe work environments.

Furthermore, in 2020 cybersecurity and data protection will be a must. We have seen this already with the General Protection Data Regulation by the European Union: clients and users want guaranteed confidentiality and total protection for their data.

3. Centralized processes and management

Companies in the sector will look for a way to optimize all the processes. We will see more and more smart hubs where all the levels and chains will be unified: a warehouse with customer service, stock specialists, etc.

4. Innovation with mobile apps

Let’s imagine for a second a logistics company in which all the employees can connect, from their phones, to a management software with all the information needed to complete their tasks.

Smartphones will be great allies for the logistics sector if the companies use all their potential.

5. Ecommerce with more warehouses close to the consumer

If we think of online commerce, the biggest transformation in logistics so far (which will keep its fast pace in 2020) is related to delivery times.

By creating more and more warehouses with enough stock, delivery times can be reduced, because the distance between these hubs and the consumer will be shorter.

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