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Privacy policy DLF Group

PRIVACY POLICY DLF GROUP DLF INTERNATIONAL MOVERS SL Located in Avda. Sur 20. 28343 Valdemoro (Madrid) , is responsible for collecting personal data, as well as the use and protection to be given to them, so in accordance with the Spanish Law regarding Private Data protection in order to take the necessary measures to ensure the security, confidentiality and discretion of personal data and prevent that they are altered, transmitted or used by persons with unauthorized access. By this way, our main aim when using personal information is to inform our clients about changes and / or notify of the process, and provide information to third parties in the supply chain, which are related in delivering local Moving services, International, Warehousing, Packing and Relocation services, which includes administrative, operational and commercial activities resulting from such services. PERSONAL DATA. In order to personally identify you, DLF International Movers asks for information such as names, occupation, address, office address, tax identification number, telephone number and email address. Also, your personal data may be collected personally when you visit our facilities and on the website by using the online services. In order to provide a quality service, DLF International Movers may request information such as volume and weight of the shipment, inventories, data source and destination, dates, places of storage, collection and delivery. To comply with legal regulations asks for: Copies of visas, passports, customs documentation procedures, franchises Import / Export, insurance policies, etc. 3. DLF International Movers agrees not to use or disclose without consent, personal information for any purpose other than the purpose for which it provides services. It also undertakes to store all information concerning the aims, in a secure environment and to make all reasonable efforts to maintain the security of confidential information, based on the above values:

  1. a) Punctuality: DLF International Movers is careful and diligent to come before the agreed time, and always respects its time and that of others.
  2. b) Trust: Always delivers in the stipulated time; customers are safe and satisfied.
  3. c) Credibility: Deserves that is seen as reliable, as it always adhere to what offers.
  4. d) Order: The basis of all values, which increases the effectiveness of the work.
  5. e) Integrity: Act with rectitude in all places and circumstances, consistently.

We will not transmit  your personal data without absolute confidentiality, not alienate, disclose or rent personal data obtained, nor share with a third party that is not part of the supply chain, excepting the case where these are required by legal and in compliance with legislation order. All personal data collected from DLF International Movers is stored on a secure server located at the office, designed to stop any unauthorized access from outside the company. Also, all information you provide through our forms available online, is protected with absolute confidentiality and the website does not use “Cookies” or other tools that automatically collect information. The access to personal date from people is hiring the services have the right to access, change, rectify and cancel their personal data and to oppose their or revoke consent for that purpose given. To apply, you can contact our offices in Av. Sur 20, 28343 Valdemoro. Madrid. When making your request, you must provide your full name and clearly indicate what you need. All modifications at the privacy policy is regularly reviewed and updated, so it is recommended to revise its terms to learn about it. Any modification may be consulted on our web. For implementation it internally we  trains and informs all staff through its Code of Ethics, of the care and how to protect the personal data requested depending on the service provided. We accept it through the private policy of DLF Group which comply with the Spanish Law which regulate the date private policy, and appreciate your confirmation that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and provisions given above Sending by e-mail  with this document signed and sealed. If you do not agree with them, you should not provide any personal information.   Name: Company Date   Sign and stamp This procedure is already included in our general policy and named by “Procedimiento de gestión de protección de datos” dated on 24/11/2016 version 00.- As well, all possible records about timing frame to control and monitoring is reflected on our internal document “Yearly monitorization process 2017” to verify all procedures is being performed accordingly.